2011/01/25 Duan add testing results of first ROACH crate

Method and Results

Summary of the test results:

•    All 8 boards can be powered up and sucessfully loaded firmware!
•    2 boards show 1 clock cycle delay issue (can be fixed by adjust buffer by 1 clock cycle); other 6 without any offset between I and Q;
•    The internal QDR random delay is common for all the boards, that means the fix on FPGA will work on all the boards.
•    All board show similar wired power level response: roach_crate_test_part1_powerLevel.pdf
•    the reason I think it is not simply due to offset between I and Q is because: 1. the roll off of IQ offset is more linear. 2. when I try to put 1 clock cycle offset, I can clearly see the response is offset, which looks like this:

a example of how it looks like when there is offset between I and Q but we did not taken that into account: with_without_offset_powerlevel.pdf


Possible reason I can think of:

the fact that LPF somehow helps make me think the problem is aliasing from high frequency (245Mhz - 490Mhz). but when we test IF board before, we don't suffer from this a lot. (we might has such effect all the time, just we didn't really pay attention because the ripple is small). Might be mean there is coupling between the cables, or there is feedback along the cable!!! we might need better isolation.

In summary, I think aliasing effect is the fundamental. we might have such problem from long time ago (the reason I say this is the center tones also shows some ripple and can not really explained by LPF or DAC sinc roll off) but didn't pay attention.

The ripple is also looks like standing way inside the cable itself (this might be the same thing as aliasing). So the SMA connectors might be the reason?
mini-circuit LPF helps might because it introduce more insolation as well!!!

I looked the SMA cable data sheet online and measured the SMA cable in lab, the attenuation for our frequency range is not a problem.

Further Work
Possible way to make it work:
1. try new SMA cables with better isolation along cable; better cable to connector connection.

Future work:
The performance test when all the board are loaded and running will be test.