2011/10/11 Duan some 1/f noise testing with new firmware and HEMT


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Method and Results

All testing was done with SDR:

Agilent power supply noise: agilent_powerlevel.pdf ; agilent_phaseNoise.pdf ; agilent_ampNoise.pdf

Dave's power supply noise: davebox_powerlevel.pdf ; davebox_phaseNoise.pdf ; davebox_ampNoise.pdf

Compare 1/f noise with Dave's box and Agilent: compare_diff_supply_powerlevel.pdf ; compare_diff_supply_phaseNoise.pdf ; compare_diff_supply_ampNoise.pdf

Compare 1/f for BB Loop, RF Loop, and with HEMT: compare_WithandWithout_HEMT_powerlevel.pdf ; compare_WithandWithout_HEMT_phaseNoise.pdf ; Upload new attachment "compare_WithandWithout_HEMT_ampNoise.pdf"