Study the phase noise for 126 comb carriers LUT with differenct desiged power level for each carrier.
Check if the IF switch and BB switch used for IF board add any additional noise.


We have confirmed the amplitude and phase noise is related to the total signal power. We want to learn how the noise related to each carrier in the same LUT (which mean the total power is fixed) with different indivicual power.


Summary note about phase noise and switches:
Phase_noise_study_for_different_resonator_power_and_switches.pdf ,
update 21 Sep,2010: Phase_noise_study_for_different_resonator_power_and_switches_update_21Sep2010.pdf

Reference for the test the IF switch and BB switch for carrier 1 to 10 with noise floor: Phase_noise_and_noise_floor_carrier1to10.pdf
update 27 Sep, 2010 about equations used for seperate phase and amplitude noise: Phase_and_amplitude_direction_separation.pdf