These are the design documents for the IF system that will mate to the ADC/DAC cards that mate to the ROACH boards.


Block diagram and schematic from Rick Raffanti, 2010/07/12
•    MKID_IF_System_Design.pdf
•    MKID_IF_schematics.zip

First-pass layout, 2010/08/11
•    MKID_IF_Layout.pdf

Latest update for the schematics of IF system, 2010/09/15
•    To follow all the changes made since the very first version:

1.    Optimize receiver chain components for SNR, and power compression etc: DesignLog107
2.    Issue due to components ordering, splitter, redesign VCO->Mixer LO power etc: DesignLog109
3.    Other issue summarized as: Changes_to_MKID_IF_board_design_9Sep2010.pdf , modify_suggestion_Ran_10_Sep.pdf ,

•    Latest Schematics of IF board and Bill of Material on 15 Sep, 2010, and layout is in process based on this:
1.    Schematics 15 Sep 2010: MKID_IF_15th_Sep_2010.pdf
2.    Component list 15 Sep 2010: MKID_IF_bom_revB_15Sep2010.xls
2nd Generation of DAC and ADC boards: