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Readout for Kinetic Inductance Detector

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Getting Start with Detector Readout  

  1. Overview about readout : OSR_Overview_Oct2012_PPT.pdf   and  OSR_Overview_Oct2012_Paper.pdf (latest version, but to be completed)
  2. Hardware
    1. Readout hardware IF board and fuction test
  3. Noise
    1. Readout Noise Overview
    2. Readout Analogy noise study
    3. Readout Digital  noise study
  4. Software Deisgn Overview

     (Temp) CCAT Readout Meeting Readout PPT: Readout.pdf


Everything About OSR:

* Note: files are not attached in part of the pages, but all document can be find here *

Documents AFTER First Demo Cam Run

  1. IF System Design, Schematics and Layout
  2. Effect of LO frequency Noise in IF system
  3. OSR cost Estimation
  4. IF system Analysis and Modification
  5. Common Voltage Reference for ADCDAC board
  6. POs for IF boards Parts
  7. Leftover Issue of IF board
  8. Power Compression Test of IQ mixer and Amplifiers
  9. MUSIC Readout system Telecon for Planning
  10. VCO Phase noise test in Lab
  11. Thermal Analysis of ADC Boards
  12. Phase Noise vs Carrier Power and Switches
  13. Gain Fluctuation due to Temperature Change
  14. Power Supply Information for ROACH
  15. MUSIC IF board Hardware Functions and Noise test
  16. MUSIC 2nd Generation DAC and ADC Board
  17. Readout IF board Telecon Planning
  18. Software of Readout System
  19. MUSIC Readout software Block Diagram
  20. MUSIC readout 1Gbits DAQ
  21. Readout System Power Diagrams
  22. Electronics Crate
  23. Power Supply Crate
  24. MUSIC Readout Progress Summary 2011 July
  25. HEMT 1/f Noise Testing
  26. Readout Buffer Generation
  27. Readout Left Over Issues 2011 Dec
  28. Electronics Crate Testing
  29. Cable Loss for Readout

Documents Before First Demo Cam Run

1.  Overview on Readout/MKID/MUSIC

Phil's Omnisys talk: Omnisys.pdf
Ran's Open Source Readout talk: OSR_development_plan.pdf

MKID Cam—MKID Readout:
MKIDCam Readout Electronics Specifications: 080523MaloneyReadoutSpec.pdf

OSR development plan : MKIDcam_meeting_OSR.pdf (19th_Oct_2009@UC)

2. ADCDAC related

  1. 20090810:  dac update: SFDR_IMD3_Rolloff.pdf
  2. 20091015:  ADC update: adc_measurement.pdf
  3. Pictures of ROACH Board, DAC and ADC card : ROACH_ADC_DAC_pics.pdf
  4. DAC and ADC test report from Rick Raffanti : DAC_test.doc , ADC_test.doc
  5. MKID DAC Development : DAC_update.pdf SFDR_IMD3.pdf
  6. Effect of clipping a waveform on its PSD: waveform-clipping-psd.pdf
  7. Compensating for waveform clipping: compensating-waveform-clipping.pdf
  8. DAC test 2: dac_test_report_2_all.pdf dac5681.pdf
  9. ADC performance analysis: adc_test_report.pdf ads5463.pdf ADC_inputsignal_spectrumanalyzer.pdf
  10. Summary of DAC and ADC test: ADC_DAC_summary.pdf
  11. DAC:

Omnisys: AD9783.pdf ROACH: dac5681.pdf MKID_DAC_revE.pdf Test Results:
the 4th page for the meansured SFDR with 550msps: SFDR_IMD3.pdf for the spur problem discussion, comb signal generation: dac_test_report_2_all.pdf

  1. ADC:

Omnisys: TI_ads5474.pdf ROACH: ads5463.pdf MKID_ADCrevb.pdf Test Results: 
the SNR and SFDR of ADC, also the spctrum plot of each frequency point: adc_test_report.pdf check the signal from signal generator in the spectrum analyzer to show the harmonics: ADC_inputsignal_spectrumanalyzer.pdf

3. IF board related

1.    MKID IF board development (2010 July):
2.    MKID IF board design block diagram: MKID_IF_System_Design.pdf

3.    MKID IF board design circuit layout: MKID_IF_all.pdf
4.    Data sheet of major components in IF board:

74HC.pdf , AD8353.pdf , ADCMP370.pdf , ADF4350.pdf , ADG901.pdf , ADP150.pdf , GP2Y1.pdf , HMC158.pdf , HMC234.pdf , HMC313.pdf , HMC374.pdf , HMC624.pdf , HMC772.pdf , IQ0225.pdf , IQ1545.pdf , LFCN190.pdf , LM1117.pdf , LP3878.pdf , MAX768.pdf , MMBT3906.pdf

5.    MKID IF board noise study, include SNR, NF, NT, IMD etc:
6.    VCO, Synthesizer phase noise and jitter: ADF4350.pdf , CG635.pdf , MG3690.pdf , SIM940c.pdf

Jitter (either clock to aperture) to phase noise: ADC jitter : ads5463.pdf
A software used to simulate phase lock loop circuit (e.g. VCO):

7.    MKID IF board design discussion and future plans: MKID_IF_System_Discussion_with_solutions.pdf
8.    Latest IF
 Board schematic: MKID_IF_latest.pdf
9.    IF Board power dissipation: IF_system_power.pdf
10.    IF Board individual component bandwidth: IF_system_bandwidths.pdf
11.    IF Board top level block diagram: MKID_IF_Board_design2.pdf
12.    IF Board SNR, NF, Signal Level analysis: data.pdf , plot.pdf
13.    IF Board Purchase order: MKID_IF_bom_28_July_we_need_to_order.pdf
14.    Phase noise, frequency noise, TLS noise of device, electronics: Study_of_1overf_noise_in_IF_system_v3.pdf

4. Noise and SNR related

  1. Summary of the Omnisys and ROACH system noise: Omnisys_and_ROACH_noise.pdf
  2. Omnisys system noise calculation: Omnisys_system_noise_calculation.pdf , OmnisysNoise.pdf ROACH system noise calculation: ROACH_system_noise_calculation.pdf
  3. Resonator Output Power Vs HEMT_SNR: 100108ResonatorOutputPowerVsHEMT_SNR.pdf
  4. Omnisys system SNR measurement and IF SNR analysis
  5. SNR measurement (11th Jan, 2010): Omnisys_SNR_Summary.pdf IF SNR analysis (12th Jan, 2010): MKID_CryoHEMT_and_IF_SNR_analysis.pdf
  6. Propagation of signal and noise through IQ mixers: iq-signal-noise-note1.pdf iq-signal-noise-note2.pdf
  7. Expected noise levels in various configurations: expected-noise-levels.txt
  8. correlation coefficient to study the correlation pattern: 10mins_126_random_corrcoef_I.pdf , 10mins_126_random_corrcoef_Q.pdf , colormap.pdf
  9. note about noise cancelation and correlation pattern for readout (to be continuted): noise_cancelation_and_corrcoeff_pattern.pdf
  10. Some idea about the spur in the IF system:   some_idea_about_IF_system_spur.txt

5. Firmware related

  1. Channelizing Design and Test : MKID_Channelizing_report_part1&2_draft.pdf (4th Nov,2009)
  2. whole readout system test design and results(first draft): first_test_design.pdf
  3. Summary of 2 FFT design: MKID_readout_summary_9th_Dec.pdf
  4. FPGA design with band selection, FIR, timestamp: MKID_17.pdf
  5. Model of detector, instrument and electronics noise: readout-noise.pdf
  6. mkid_readout_test(10Feb2010): group_meeting_10_Fec_2010_all.pdf
  7. mkid_readout_test(24Feb2010): 24_feb_2010.pdf
  8. About the 2 FFT, PFB_FIR structure and off bin carrier performance(17Mar2010)(SOLVED): FFT_PFB_FIR_offbinPattern.pdf
  9. Matlab simulation of FFT+FFT; PFB+FFT; FFT+FFT+sumbins (Red plot is first FFT output; Blue plot is final 2 FFT output; different plot is with different offset: 0, 10 20, 32.):
  10. FFT+FFT: fft_fft_offset_0_10_20_32_combined.pdf PFB+FFT: pfb_fft_offset_0_10_20_32_combined.pdf FFT+FFT+sumbins: test_2_fft_with_sumbins_offset_0_10_20_32_combined.pdf Matlab code for simulation(also the FFT windowing test): Notes about sum up bins; recover SNR in 2 FFT design(by Jonas): 2FFT_sumbin_notes.pdf
  11. More about basics on PFB.pdf  and and test_pfb_fft_business.m  and test_pdf_fft_business_record_pattern.m
  12. test_FIR_FIR_business_compare_Vacc.m
  13. A simple Matlab code to read data; check data/ time stamp correctness; analysis the correlation coeff: analyz_10Ge_output_data.m

6. DAQ software

  1. Specification on interface between readout and DAQ system: 081221GolwalaCSOInterface.pdf
  2. Synchronization scheme for electronics with the CSO: electronics-sync-cso.pdf

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